Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jett Marshall Vrbka

Well he is offically here!! Jett was born on 12-29-08 at 5:54 p.m. he weighed in at 8lbs 1oz and was 21 inches long.. He has lots of dark hair.. Everything went good we are all doing great!! We got home today and Big brother has really enjoyed him.. everytime he cries he goes over to him and it looks like he is telling him it is ok and trying to help.. It is cute.. Well i will keep everyone posted on pictures.. Sorry it took me so long to post on the blog.. Everyone Have a Great New Years!!!

The family the night Jett was born.. Coy liked to poke at him..

Jett almost 24 hours old..

Getting ready to go home!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

only 16 more days!!

HOLY COW!! i only have 16 more days until my due date is here.. WOW were did the time go?? Some days (like today) i'm like Baby you can come anytime as my lower back is KILLING me.. But then i remember oh shit then it is here and there is no goin back :) I was just telling Heath last night that i'm not ready for the labor part.. he was like umm well i'm sorry to late.. I was like it hurts :) he just laughed and said it ain't that bad.. I was like I"m sorry i didn't know he was coming out of your body .. MEN! I love being pregnant and i love after the labor part but man that part they need to think of something else :) As i'm so excited to meet this little one and to see if it is a he or she.. Although i think it is another boy :) well i will keep everyone posted but i'm sure this baby will be late.. Heath votes the 22nd which is monday ahh but i say the 3rd of jan.. so we will see.. Hope this finds everyone healthy and gettin ready for christmas to be hre and gone.. Take care and Merry christmas!!!.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Where is it??

Coy has this new thing that he started doing after his father taught him this.. He will hide things and then lift his hands and go Where is it?? so he does this with his paci under the couch and any toy it is so funny.. Also i have a little hunter in the process.. Coy was just taught how to blow heaths duck whistle and so now Coy blows the ducks in.. Here are a couple pictures.. for everyone to enjoy..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Life of livin with a Hunter!

Ok so some of these Pictures are a little graphic but i couldn't help but to post cause Coy was just lovin everything thing to do with both the deer and the gross skinning part of it.. he just laughed as they did it.. it was cracking me up.. It looks like he may take after his father in the hunting department.. So i hope everyone is having a safe hunting season and if you don't want to see a skinned deer please do not look at last photo..

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Joy of raising Children!

Ok sometimes i just can't stop laughing at my son.. And when he knows i'm mad at him he still manages to make me smile and laugh.. Here are a couple examples.. when trying to put him to bed and he just keeps picking at you and laughing you just want to be like GO TO SLEEP but you just smile and laugh cause they are just so fun.. Then today when he came up to me laughing and i notice something up his nose.. He had preceeded to put a yogurt covered Raisin up his nostril. Some how in the time he was eatting his snack he decided it would be a good idea to shove one up his nose.. Boy did he get mad when i took it out.. Well anyways i just had to share a little bit on how ORNERY my son is.. Plus it has been awhile since i posted. Take care..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coy and his Big Boy Room!

Well Coy has officially moved to his big boy room.. It is not completly done yet but its good enough for him to sleep in.. He has taken Two naps and has had one night in his big boy room.. He is still a little scared to be in a new room and new bed.. So we have been doing a couple different things to get him to go back to putting himself to sleep like he use to.. but as of now the only thing that works is to lay with him until he falls asleep.. which i really did not want to start but he is so little and it is scary back there all by himself.. So after about a week we will try new things.. I tried the just putting him back to bed after he gets out we did this for 40 mins then i decided its his first night i don't want to scare him out of even wanting to be back there.. but he was so cute.. (hard not to laugh) So if anyone has any GREAT!! ideas on how to let him put himself to sleep it would be great!! Other than getting him to fall asleep he sleeps GREAT! first night anyways he slept from 8:15 until 6.. We will see how tonight goes.. He is a picture of him on his bed.. We are still getting a headboard, dresser, bed skirt and someother stuff for in there once it is all done i will post a new picture..

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Coy had fun Trick or Treating for the first time.. He thought it was so much fun to go into peoples house and take candy.. He was the prefect lil ' Red he even walks like him :) Thank God for Grandma Sue who made his costume.. Cuase as everyone knows i do not like this holiday so good thing for grandma for doing the costume.. Well i will post more about Coy's big boy room later.. and keep you updated as it gets more done..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Tag!

Well we have another game for everyone to play.. I was tagged by Delanie to list 7 secert or facts about myself.. geez that is personal :) I guess i'll try everyone knows everything about me.. I'm not shy so they will prolly be more facts :)
1. I graduated with a class of 8 from high school, with one boy and one exchange student..
2. My children will be 17 months apart..
3. I took dance for 11 years.
4. Favorite restaurant is Skeeter Barnes or Olive Garden
5. I have a degree in Early Childhood
6. I love teen bopper movies..
7. I think Halloween is a stupid Holiday :)

Ok now i tag Tiffany Curry

Memory Loss Meme!

ok i was tagged by my friend Trisha to play a fun little game.. You are suppose to go to your files of pictures and click on your 6th album then click on the 6th picture and you are suppose to see if you remember the picture.. This picture is pretty old as you can see my hair was blonde!! In this picture with me is my friend Maggie.. We were in her sister Sams Grand Prix and i believe we were heading to Stacey's wedding.. Ahh the memories of being young and skinny :) Well i'm suppose to Tag 6 people but most of the poeople that i have as a blogger have done this so i will tag, Tiffany Curry, Trisha Kuhn, Kelly Erwin, It is fun!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Eventful Weekend!

Ok wow i can't believe i haven't blogged in a long time.. I tried to blog a video of Coy last week but it wasn't letting me so i'm still going to try.. But Coy and I had a very busy weekend.. As daddy was out in S. Dakota Hunting we went back to giltner..Friday we met Grandma for some shopping in G.I. then saturday we went and Watched Our Cousin Danielle play volleyball but Coy feel asleep watching it.. Girl sports are pretty boring to watch :) Then Off I went to have a girls Day/night out with my friends.. We watched the Huskers WIN at one girls house then we went to a Winery in St. Paul.. (beautiful) Which is a picture below of all of us there..

Then on Sunday we went to the Pumpkin Patch in St. Libory with My sister and nephew jackson and my mom The boys had so much fun.. Coy loved riding the horses and playing with the pumpkins.. After we were done there we went back to grandma's and pappa's and carved pumpkins.. Coy wasn't sure at first but then loved it.. It was a busy weeknd that made it fly by.. Well i hope everyone had a great weekend and take care and enjoy some pics i posted..

Us Girls at the winery!!
Craving pumpkins :)

Coy walking through the wizard of oz with Grandma

Coy sitting on pumpkins

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coy Boy!!

Hey everyone sorry it has taking me so long to post a new blog.. I was being lazy about downloading pictures.. So i just did some pictures of Coy.. He is growing so much and is becoming so much fun to be around :) well hope all is well with everyone.. Everything is going good here.. We are now 28 weeks preggo so the baby will be here before we know it.. I better get busy with Christmas present shopping :)

Coy before we were about to go on our daily walk it was chill this morning so he had his stocking cap on..and then his favorite thing to chew on his toothbrush.. (what a great thing to use when teething)

This is the true side of Coy he is so Ornery :)

Why do we spend money on Toys when they only want to play with a box :)

Coy must have had a really busy day on Monday cause he fell asleep while eatting Lunch.. Too cute not to post :)

My New Tent

I wanted to show you my new tent.. I always played with a Thomas tent at my Grandma and Grandpa Obermeiers house so my mommy and daddy thought i needed one for home.. I play in this alot and i love it even more when my daddy chases me in the tent.. Well i just wanted to show you all my new favorite toy :)

Monday, September 29, 2008


On Friday Coy wanted to help daddy out in the garden.. Coy loved it he even picked some things out for dad.. (that weren't ready to be picked)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boys will be Boys

Coy got his first bad black eye today.. if you look close enough he has a cut on his lip also.. We were over at Heath's Grandmas house and Coy discovered the stairs and was on his way up them when i went in to get him he fell down and hit his head on the wood around the door.. His lip was bleeding and instant black eye.. He didn't cry long so that just shows me he is a tough boy.. I couldn't believe this happened right the day after i was so frustrated at the way he has been acting i was like great people prolly thinks i did this to him.. But i guess its nice it happened where lots of people where :) I guess that just proves Boys will be Boys and that is what makes them tough :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


ok I need another blog of venting.. So as babycenter would say i have a "spirted Toddler" Sometimes i'm in tears asking what happened to my easy going happy little guy.. He has just been SO crabby and not happy for awhile now.. He throws fits and screams out of the blue.. I don't normally mind it i just ignore it when we are home but when we are in public it is so bad.. I guess i just really hate it when people STARE.. What the Hell ( excuse my lang.) do they want me to do about it.. he is 1 i can't put him in timeout yet and even if i could spank him in public he wouldn't understand it.. SO i don't know what they want me to do about it .. just let him win and have his way NO i don't want a spoiled brat.. Thursday i was in columbus and we were at the new walgreens and there were 4 nosey elderly ladies and my son didn't get his way for something just started screaming.. they just stared and whispered to each other i was so pissed i was like WHAT.. I'm sorry but if the elderly wants us to respect them then they need to respect us.. I'm sure they were like oh my gosh that woman can't even handle her one kid and she is pregnant.. you know what.. I feel i'm a pretty Damn good mom so i don't know what they want from me.. I just bawl alot of times when my son does this because i don't know why he is doing it and i can't help him i don't know if it is just my hormones or what but i seem to cry alot anymore cuase he does these fits a lot.. like tonight we tried to go up and eat supper at the bar and i had to get a to go box and put my food in it and left to go home wiht him he was just out of control nothing would make him happy.. And of course i'm always thinkgin i need to leave cause i'm pissing people off cause my son is scraming and throwing a fit.. and like i said before they just look at you and i guess i'm the only person in the world wiht a child that screams and throws fits cause no one understands it.. well ok i'm done venting and rambling on and on ..

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Everyone has to Love BUBBLES!!! Coy had so much fun playing with the bubbles.. Our dog Dutch even came over by Coy and was trying to pop them with his mouth.. Coy would just laugh.. We are having a much better couple of days as his one tooth has broke through :)


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Have to Love Kids!!

Ok so as you can see in the pictures that My child can be such an "angel" but yet the "devil" :) He SO has my attitude!! but there is also a lot of his father in him too.. The last week has been from HELL.. He is teething which you would think we were done with for a while since he already has 12 teeth but no we have more coming.. Also when he has to go days without seeing his dad he becomes more stubborn than ever, and since it is Husker Harvest Days this week Heath has been gone most this week.. So like I said before Coy and I have been butting heads :) Don't get me wrong i LOVE my little man and can't wait to meet this other little one.. But as a parent everyone has days where they just want to pull there hair out of their heads.. Coy goes from Laughing and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to just complete screaming and no way to calm him down so i just hope we have a better day tomorrow :) So i just felt like i needed to vent alittle bit and hoping that things get better :)
Now look at him the "devil" (heheeh)
Look at this little "angel"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

YES!! It is offical we purchased a Minivan!! I Knpw I'm 25 with a minivan ;( but i do have to say i love it (shocker i know) But we have to do the most logic things with us about to have two kids under the age of 18 months we will need it and the automatic doors are nice also.. Coy loves to look out the window at everything. We went and test drove some last monday.. Then we decided which color we wanted and they found it so we got to pick it up on friday.. It is a new Toyota Sienna.. So if anyone is looking for a new minivan this is a great van so i would go for a Toyota :).. Well since i haven't posted in awhile i thought i would share with what is new with us..

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well we just got back from going to see the doctor for Coy's 1 year check up.. he weighes 29 pounds and 31 inches long.. Big Boy!!! Poor thing had to get 5 shots today so he is napping right now.. Doctor said he was looking good and staying right on track.. Yesterday we went over to see friends or ours little baby Micah and he was just so tiny.. Coy got a kick out of him.. he just keep tickling his feet.. and he would then destory Trisha and Chris's house.. As for our little one we had a check up last week and baby is doing good. is moving around alot.. We also found out a couple weeks ago that my sister is also pregnant.. So that was exciting the babies will be 11 weeks apart.. My sister always wanted us to be preggo at that same time so that was pretty exciting to find out we were..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The fam at Coy's 1st b-day party!!


Hello everyone.. I just thought maybe since everyone i know has a blog that maybe i should start one.. This would be easier than sending out so many emails to everyone.. I know i check my friends blogs daily.. Well we are pretty busy at our house here in Rising City.. Heath has been really busy with replanting due to this wonderful Nebraska weather.. As for me i'm enjoying staying at home with our beautiful little boy Coy.. He will turn one on July 30th.. And we are waiting for the arrival of our second one at the beginning of the year!! so i will sure be on my toes but it is all worth it, children are an amazing gift.. I will try to keep this updated but as people know that have me on myspace and facebook it takes me awhile to update :) But i will try to be better!! Take care everyone and God Bless!