Friday, August 8, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well we just got back from going to see the doctor for Coy's 1 year check up.. he weighes 29 pounds and 31 inches long.. Big Boy!!! Poor thing had to get 5 shots today so he is napping right now.. Doctor said he was looking good and staying right on track.. Yesterday we went over to see friends or ours little baby Micah and he was just so tiny.. Coy got a kick out of him.. he just keep tickling his feet.. and he would then destory Trisha and Chris's house.. As for our little one we had a check up last week and baby is doing good. is moving around alot.. We also found out a couple weeks ago that my sister is also pregnant.. So that was exciting the babies will be 11 weeks apart.. My sister always wanted us to be preggo at that same time so that was pretty exciting to find out we were..