Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coy and his Big Boy Room!

Well Coy has officially moved to his big boy room.. It is not completly done yet but its good enough for him to sleep in.. He has taken Two naps and has had one night in his big boy room.. He is still a little scared to be in a new room and new bed.. So we have been doing a couple different things to get him to go back to putting himself to sleep like he use to.. but as of now the only thing that works is to lay with him until he falls asleep.. which i really did not want to start but he is so little and it is scary back there all by himself.. So after about a week we will try new things.. I tried the just putting him back to bed after he gets out we did this for 40 mins then i decided its his first night i don't want to scare him out of even wanting to be back there.. but he was so cute.. (hard not to laugh) So if anyone has any GREAT!! ideas on how to let him put himself to sleep it would be great!! Other than getting him to fall asleep he sleeps GREAT! first night anyways he slept from 8:15 until 6.. We will see how tonight goes.. He is a picture of him on his bed.. We are still getting a headboard, dresser, bed skirt and someother stuff for in there once it is all done i will post a new picture..

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The Hudcaps said...

How much fun!! Their big kid rooms are just as much fun as the nursery aren't they?