Friday, March 20, 2009

Outside Time!!

Well this week has been Beautiful until today :( all week we have been able to go outside and go on a walk and play.. coy LOVED it.. Here are some pictures to see how much fun Coy had.. and both boys Love going on a walk.. Hope everyone got to enjoy some beautiful weather..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WOW my babies are Big ones :)

This was Jett at two months and when we went into his 2 month check up we were surprised at how much he weighed we knew he was goin to weigh more than Coy did at 2 months but didn't realize that much more.. Coy was 13lbs 12 oz's at his 2 month and Jett was you ready for this? 15lbs 2 oz's geez what a pig :) Our doctor asked us if we were feeding him buttermilk :) Then he said well at least you are raising some big boys to play football for the huskers :) Heath is already practicing football with Coy it is to cute.. well take care and it will prolly be awhile before. i post again as i'm really busy this month with weddings..