Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Forgot to post the pictures sorry!!

these are pictures of Coy the top one is while he is eatting Spaghetti and below is coy climbing on the jungle gym at the park.. at 25 months old

These pictures are of Jett the top one is of him eatting his favorite snack the baby cheetos, and the bottom one was taken on his 8 month birthday!!

New in the Vrbka household :)

well we have lots of new things going on in our house.. Jett is now 8 months old.. ( i know can you believe it has been 8 months cause i can't ) he is keeping us busy as he is army crawling but he is SO close to crawling right. He has been doing this for about a month now so i for see him crawling very soon :) He likes to pull himself up on you to stand.. he is a very tall boy.. Jett has some new favorite snacks.. he Loves the baby cheetos and of course he eats baby puffs and wagon wheels also.. He still just has 2 teeth.. but he is doing great.. Lots of fun, he also loves picking on his big brother already.. Mom and Dad will have their hands full now :) he is even saying some words.. he likes to say "Da" which is funny as he is a momma's boy :) but i guess Coy said "mama" first and he is a daddy's boy.. I will post pictures of Jett after i talk about his big brother ..

Coy is growing like a weed as well he is now 25 months old.. He is talking more and more, it is SO much fun to hear what he has to say.. he always has his dad and I laughing.. We have been slowing working on potty training.. but we are NOT forcing it just getting him comfortable with the toliet.. Mom is NOT looking forward to the day we go full force :( don't get me wrong it will be nice to have one out of diapers.. but not looking forward to the process of potty training.. if anyone has some good ideas for potty training boys let me know :) Coy went awhile without taking naps which wasn't so bad for me as then i didn't have to deal with him being crabby when he wakes up!! and he also went to bed earlier then.. but lately he has been falling asleep on the floor so i guess he needs his naps after all but dang back to having a crabby boy when he wakes up.. oh the joys of parenting..

As for the rest of us.. Dad is busy with work but not as busy as he is going to get with harvest just around the corner and he is also now on the chain gang at shelby for the home football games.. he is SO excited.. as for me i'm still meeting every monday with our book club a group of stay at home moms that are in this area.. I'm also still working out with one of my g/f's every day during the week and we are also enjoying walks.. Heath and I go on walks with the boys in the evenings as well when he gets home from work.. we are just enjoying this nice fall weather that is here early and getting ready for some Husker Football to start up :) YEAH!! Everyone take care and have a great Labor day Weekend!!! here are some pictures of the boys..