Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coy Boy!!

Hey everyone sorry it has taking me so long to post a new blog.. I was being lazy about downloading pictures.. So i just did some pictures of Coy.. He is growing so much and is becoming so much fun to be around :) well hope all is well with everyone.. Everything is going good here.. We are now 28 weeks preggo so the baby will be here before we know it.. I better get busy with Christmas present shopping :)

Coy before we were about to go on our daily walk it was chill this morning so he had his stocking cap on..and then his favorite thing to chew on his toothbrush.. (what a great thing to use when teething)

This is the true side of Coy he is so Ornery :)

Why do we spend money on Toys when they only want to play with a box :)

Coy must have had a really busy day on Monday cause he fell asleep while eatting Lunch.. Too cute not to post :)


The Hudcaps said...

I love pics of kids sleeping in the highchairs. Classic. And I agree what is it about a box. I say this knowing that when I was little a box was the best thing since sliced bread!!

Rachelle said...

He is so handsome ~ very cute pictures. 28 weeks along already ~ where has the time gone? Hope you are feeling good! Take care!