Monday, December 7, 2009

christmas card time

oh the joys of trying to get christmas cards ready.. i could have pulled my hair out of my head in trying to get a cute picture/pictures of the boys for the christmas card.. let me tell you how much fun that was.. IT WASN"T!! and let me tell you what i used.. not ONE of them together.. grrr.. there was one of them both turning away from me at the same time and i almost used that picture but i REALLY wanted a picture that you could see their faces..

I'm waiting for them to arrive this week so i can address them and get them mailed out. i feel really behind as we have already got 5 christmas cards.. and as i write this Heath is working on our letter to send with the cards :) he says its funny but his funny and my funny are not the same thing :) so we will see when he is done :) well i just thought i would blog so i don't have to hear that i haven't done it in awhile.. I will blog maybe again soon and post some pics of the boys..

we are suppose to have a big snow storm tonight so we will see maybe i'll update more.. if not here is wishing everyone a happy and safe merry christmas...