Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvest time!!

a couple weeks ago heath was out harvesting and we were bored at home so we went out to visit the guys in the field.. The boys thought it was pretty cool to see the tractor and combine..when coy went for a ride with dad in the tractor he was SO excited then he saw Daryl in the combine and he was waving and then he heard his voice on the CB and he was lookin around as he could see daryl to the left but was hearing his voice coming from the right and he was SO confused.. Too cute.. well i posted a ton of pictures of that day.. ENJOY!! coy runnin out to get his dad or maybe to see the tractor..

ok lets go i was to drive this thing..
Dad and his boys...

Jett thought it was pretty cool as well :)

and they are off..

This is Coy leaving the field NOT happy..

and finally this is coy 2 miles from the field :) haha i guess he was tired :)