Thursday, September 11, 2008

Have to Love Kids!!

Ok so as you can see in the pictures that My child can be such an "angel" but yet the "devil" :) He SO has my attitude!! but there is also a lot of his father in him too.. The last week has been from HELL.. He is teething which you would think we were done with for a while since he already has 12 teeth but no we have more coming.. Also when he has to go days without seeing his dad he becomes more stubborn than ever, and since it is Husker Harvest Days this week Heath has been gone most this week.. So like I said before Coy and I have been butting heads :) Don't get me wrong i LOVE my little man and can't wait to meet this other little one.. But as a parent everyone has days where they just want to pull there hair out of their heads.. Coy goes from Laughing and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to just complete screaming and no way to calm him down so i just hope we have a better day tomorrow :) So i just felt like i needed to vent alittle bit and hoping that things get better :)

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