Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is Spring almost here???

You never know with Nebraska if Spring is really here or if it is going to snow in a couple of days... But hey we will take the nice days as we get them.. Today was one of them nice day so we of course were outside all afternoon.. The Boys LOVE it they are definately outdoor kiddos.. so i really can't wait for it to be nice so we can run around outside... Today we cleaned out the van and the truck, went on a walk, then just enjoyed running around.. we actually got to see our neighbors we havent' really seen all winter long.. so that was nice.. We even grilled Hamburgers YUMMIE Grilling how i have missed you!!!!! the boys were NOT happy about coming back in the house.. but after baths Coy was OUT by 7:00 and Jett is about ready to go down.. ONCE again another reason why i LOVE it when it is nice out.. Outside Wears kiddos out :) YEAH!! i hope the weather stays nice..i also hope everyone else enjoyed the nice day like we did..