Tuesday, December 16, 2008

only 16 more days!!

HOLY COW!! i only have 16 more days until my due date is here.. WOW were did the time go?? Some days (like today) i'm like Baby you can come anytime as my lower back is KILLING me.. But then i remember oh shit then it is here and there is no goin back :) I was just telling Heath last night that i'm not ready for the labor part.. he was like umm well i'm sorry to late.. I was like it hurts :) he just laughed and said it ain't that bad.. I was like I"m sorry i didn't know he was coming out of your body .. MEN! I love being pregnant and i love after the labor part but man that part they need to think of something else :) As i'm so excited to meet this little one and to see if it is a he or she.. Although i think it is another boy :) well i will keep everyone posted but i'm sure this baby will be late.. Heath votes the 22nd which is monday ahh but i say the 3rd of jan.. so we will see.. Hope this finds everyone healthy and gettin ready for christmas to be hre and gone.. Take care and Merry christmas!!!.


Natalie said...

Think you should just have it Thursday, so I can have a birthday twin again! I miss my Grandpa for that. THURSDAY, THURSDAY, THURSDAY...there, now it will happen!! POOF!!

The Hudcaps said...

Wow, I can't believe it's that close. I completely agree with all your thoughts your excited but also nervous because there is no going back. I'll be thinking of you. You could try for the 21st. It's better than the 18th :). That was just for Natalie's sake. We'll see if she notices.