Wednesday, September 3, 2008

YES!! It is offical we purchased a Minivan!! I Knpw I'm 25 with a minivan ;( but i do have to say i love it (shocker i know) But we have to do the most logic things with us about to have two kids under the age of 18 months we will need it and the automatic doors are nice also.. Coy loves to look out the window at everything. We went and test drove some last monday.. Then we decided which color we wanted and they found it so we got to pick it up on friday.. It is a new Toyota Sienna.. So if anyone is looking for a new minivan this is a great van so i would go for a Toyota :).. Well since i haven't posted in awhile i thought i would share with what is new with us..


Tiffany said...

Finally! A new post. Try not to wait a month this time!

Natalie said...

I agree with Tiff...:)

Rachelle Riedmiller said...

You will love having a van. Coy is getting so big - I love all the pics. My oldest, who just turned 15, was 30lbs. when he turned a year. He is now 6' and about 210lbs. They grow up fast! I found your blog on Natalie's and had to check it out. Take care!