Monday, December 7, 2009

christmas card time

oh the joys of trying to get christmas cards ready.. i could have pulled my hair out of my head in trying to get a cute picture/pictures of the boys for the christmas card.. let me tell you how much fun that was.. IT WASN"T!! and let me tell you what i used.. not ONE of them together.. grrr.. there was one of them both turning away from me at the same time and i almost used that picture but i REALLY wanted a picture that you could see their faces..

I'm waiting for them to arrive this week so i can address them and get them mailed out. i feel really behind as we have already got 5 christmas cards.. and as i write this Heath is working on our letter to send with the cards :) he says its funny but his funny and my funny are not the same thing :) so we will see when he is done :) well i just thought i would blog so i don't have to hear that i haven't done it in awhile.. I will blog maybe again soon and post some pics of the boys..

we are suppose to have a big snow storm tonight so we will see maybe i'll update more.. if not here is wishing everyone a happy and safe merry christmas...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

Here are some Pictures of Halloween.. There are more on my facebook account if you want to look at them.. Coy really enjoyed being a Wow Wow Wubbzy (it is a cartoon on Nick Jr that he is in LOVE with) Grandma Sue made his costume and he was SO excited about he wore it for a couple of days before halloween!! He really caught on through the night of going to the houses and getting candy and putting it in his bucket.. he wouldn't even hold my hand to walk after awhile he wanted to be like Cohen ( a friend of mines little boy that is 4)
Jett was a Lion he didn't really care for his costume.. but he didn't have to wear it long.. he stayed at home with dad and handed out candy while Coy and I went out.. Next year he will have fun going with us.. Here are some pics..

My little lion :)

Coy with one of his little g/f's Kandence
Coy my little Wow Wow Wubbzy!

WOw WOw and Lion :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvest time!!

a couple weeks ago heath was out harvesting and we were bored at home so we went out to visit the guys in the field.. The boys thought it was pretty cool to see the tractor and combine..when coy went for a ride with dad in the tractor he was SO excited then he saw Daryl in the combine and he was waving and then he heard his voice on the CB and he was lookin around as he could see daryl to the left but was hearing his voice coming from the right and he was SO confused.. Too cute.. well i posted a ton of pictures of that day.. ENJOY!! coy runnin out to get his dad or maybe to see the tractor..

ok lets go i was to drive this thing..
Dad and his boys...

Jett thought it was pretty cool as well :)

and they are off..

This is Coy leaving the field NOT happy..

and finally this is coy 2 miles from the field :) haha i guess he was tired :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Forgot to post the pictures sorry!!

these are pictures of Coy the top one is while he is eatting Spaghetti and below is coy climbing on the jungle gym at the park.. at 25 months old

These pictures are of Jett the top one is of him eatting his favorite snack the baby cheetos, and the bottom one was taken on his 8 month birthday!!

New in the Vrbka household :)

well we have lots of new things going on in our house.. Jett is now 8 months old.. ( i know can you believe it has been 8 months cause i can't ) he is keeping us busy as he is army crawling but he is SO close to crawling right. He has been doing this for about a month now so i for see him crawling very soon :) He likes to pull himself up on you to stand.. he is a very tall boy.. Jett has some new favorite snacks.. he Loves the baby cheetos and of course he eats baby puffs and wagon wheels also.. He still just has 2 teeth.. but he is doing great.. Lots of fun, he also loves picking on his big brother already.. Mom and Dad will have their hands full now :) he is even saying some words.. he likes to say "Da" which is funny as he is a momma's boy :) but i guess Coy said "mama" first and he is a daddy's boy.. I will post pictures of Jett after i talk about his big brother ..

Coy is growing like a weed as well he is now 25 months old.. He is talking more and more, it is SO much fun to hear what he has to say.. he always has his dad and I laughing.. We have been slowing working on potty training.. but we are NOT forcing it just getting him comfortable with the toliet.. Mom is NOT looking forward to the day we go full force :( don't get me wrong it will be nice to have one out of diapers.. but not looking forward to the process of potty training.. if anyone has some good ideas for potty training boys let me know :) Coy went awhile without taking naps which wasn't so bad for me as then i didn't have to deal with him being crabby when he wakes up!! and he also went to bed earlier then.. but lately he has been falling asleep on the floor so i guess he needs his naps after all but dang back to having a crabby boy when he wakes up.. oh the joys of parenting..

As for the rest of us.. Dad is busy with work but not as busy as he is going to get with harvest just around the corner and he is also now on the chain gang at shelby for the home football games.. he is SO excited.. as for me i'm still meeting every monday with our book club a group of stay at home moms that are in this area.. I'm also still working out with one of my g/f's every day during the week and we are also enjoying walks.. Heath and I go on walks with the boys in the evenings as well when he gets home from work.. we are just enjoying this nice fall weather that is here early and getting ready for some Husker Football to start up :) YEAH!! Everyone take care and have a great Labor day Weekend!!! here are some pictures of the boys..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coy's 2nd birthday party!!

It's official my big boy is 2 years old!! he turned 2 on thursday but we celebrated his birthday on saturday with family!! it was beautiful out, everyone had a great time.. Coy didn't last long opening presents so i did most of the present opening :) i didn't mind!! He LOVES trucks he was SO excited when he got the trucks.. it was too funny.. then my parents card that they got him sang the Little Einsteins theme song and he was in heaven.. too cute.. well i posted some pictures i hope you enjoy.. they just grow so fast :(

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scraping the house

So we decided that we needed to repaint some of our house.. after some hail damage to the paint we thought this would be a perfect time to just go ahead and scrape some of the paint then our neighbor has a spray painting thing so it won't take long so that is awesome.. Here are some pictures of Coy helping Dad scrape the paint.. He was actually alot of help he was doing alot of picking of the paint and was a SUPER helper. we want to finish it up this weekend and have it painted by the 4th of July.. Well i hope eveyone has a great 4th of July..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We are still here!!

Yes we are still here.. sorry we have been enjoying the beautiful weather outside, and i was without a computer for 2 weeks.. I know isn't that crazy i went 2 weeks without a my computer..:) well the boys are growing like crazy and already are fighting :) Lets see here what are some updates on us.. well i turned 26 on may 25th that was exciting :) My friend Tiffany and I are coaching 18 and under softball for rising city that has been alot of fun.. We take Coy into Childrens on Monday for one of his moles to get examined..(prolly nothing but dr. wanted to make sure and get it checked out) A month from today we take Jett into Childrens to the Helmet Clinic to see if we need to get him a helmet for his flat head.. We have been working on getting it better before then.. but we are doing all we can.. Well i hope this find everyone doing well and i hopefully will get better at updating this.. here are some pictures of the boys..

Coy trying to be just like daddy when he grows up!! Future NC+ DSM :)
Coy's first run through with the Sprinkelr..

It's a Mini-Me.. I think i may have two Coy's on my hands :) AHHHH

Coy giving Jett a ride in the wagon..

Jett Swinging for the first time :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last week we got to enjoy outside time.. it is so nice that it is starting to get warm.. we enjoyed going on walks and playing outside.. i added some pictures of the boys playing outside.. In the first picture Coy is using his new Bubble mower he got from the easter bunny, the other picture is of Jett enjoying outside in his walker.. he had a blast.. Finally is a picture is Coy with a shovel helping daddy digging outside.. he was so much help :) well i will try to be better at updating ...


at the Rising City Easter Egg hunt


this is outside our house.. one of my friends couldn't believe i didn't hide eggs for Coy for easter morning.. so when we woke up on easter morning there was eggs outside for Coy to hunt!! The Easter bunny really is real :) (thanks Jen-C)

getting ready enjoying his sucker for his first haircut.

he hated his first haircut.. It was torture :)

Ok so i haven't posted in a long time.. so i'm going to do a couple.. Here is Easter.. we had a good easter even though we had some sick kiddos.. Coy was just getting over Influenza and ear infection and then the monday after easter we took Jett in to have him tested for RSV which luckly came back Negative.. even though the doctor was shocked it was negative..

The friday before easter we got Coy's first haircut and he HATED it!! the Saturday before Easter we went to the Awesome Rising City Easter egg hunt.. Coy had so much fun (pictures ) then on Easer sunday.. We did not attend church as Jett had a horrible cough still and Coy wasn't 100% we loaded up and went to Marquette to my aunt and uncles for lunch and a little hunt for Jackson and Coy then we took off to head to heath's grandma's for supper.. It was a great weekend but busy..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jett is 3 months

I can't believe my baby is 3 months old.. today Jett and I went to Omaha today for his pictures he did great!! it was a fun day for just me and him.. we did a little bit of shopping but couldn't shop much as we had to get home to big brother!! I posted some of his pictures i hope you enjoy.. i can't believe how fast they grow..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Outside Time!!

Well this week has been Beautiful until today :( all week we have been able to go outside and go on a walk and play.. coy LOVED it.. Here are some pictures to see how much fun Coy had.. and both boys Love going on a walk.. Hope everyone got to enjoy some beautiful weather..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WOW my babies are Big ones :)

This was Jett at two months and when we went into his 2 month check up we were surprised at how much he weighed we knew he was goin to weigh more than Coy did at 2 months but didn't realize that much more.. Coy was 13lbs 12 oz's at his 2 month and Jett was you ready for this? 15lbs 2 oz's geez what a pig :) Our doctor asked us if we were feeding him buttermilk :) Then he said well at least you are raising some big boys to play football for the huskers :) Heath is already practicing football with Coy it is to cute.. well take care and it will prolly be awhile before. i post again as i'm really busy this month with weddings..

Monday, February 23, 2009


I just can't believe and i'm prolly getting ahead of myslef and it will end soon but Jett has been sleeping great the last four days.. He goes down at 7:30 and usually sleeps until about 2:30 but saturday night he slept frm 7:30 to 4:30 i couldn't beleive it i had to go check on him.. My body don't know what to do getting so much sleep.. but i will take it as much as he wants to give me.. expecially since i have a busy month of march ahead of me..that is all i just had to brag a little bit now it will prolly end but at least i got a couple good nights of sleep :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Saturday night was Jett's Baptism.. It was a good time.. My aunt and uncle that live in Minnestoa came back to be Jett's Godparents. which meant alot..Jett was born on my aunt Peggys birthday so it was fun to have her as his godmother :) Everything went great!! Even though our son was not named after any saints!!! The priest wasn't happy about that but sometimes shit happens :) After baptism we had everyone over to our house for soup and sandwiches and CAKE!! YUMMIE!!!! the kids ran around and played together is was great having them get together as they don't see each other much.. Coy who does not like going to gathering thought it was so fun to have people over at our house. His territory :) Well that is all for now i will try to update more often i was busy for a week with my nephew here and for everyone who don't know my sister got out of the hospital on tuesday and Nathan got out of the hospital Saturday and doing good they are at my folks house!! I do have a busy month ahead of me so i'm sure march is goin to fly..

Us, Jett, and My aunt and uncle (Peggy and Brian Quandt) Jetts Godparents
Mommy and Jett with his delicious cake.. He was already changed out of his outfit!

Heath's folks, Us, and my folks after the baptism.

during the baptism..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life at the Vrbka home!

Coy and Jett
Coy at 18 months old

Jett at 1 month old..

Well sorry i haven't posted in a long time i always seem to not update this but I update Facebook with pictures ALL the Time.. so you should all just get that :) well as you can tell in the picutures the boys are getting bigger.. Jett turned 1 month old on the 29th and Coy turned 18 months old on the 30th.. They are growing so fast.. Coy still loves to give Jett kisses all the time.. and will go into his room when Jett is sleeping and point in the the crib and say Jett.. I'm ready for it to get nice out so we can go outside to play and go on walks.. so i can lose this fat.. grrrr...

Also this year has not been a good one for us.. as most of you know my sister was diagnosed with cancer again for the 3rd time.. she is also pregnant.. so Monday night she goes in at 7:30 pm to get induced at 34 weeks and then the following tuesday the 10th she will go in for surgery on herself.. she will be a little under after this surgery but not as bad as the first time.. so if everyone could pray for her and my little nephew we would love it.. I totally believe in the power of Prayer!!! well i hope everyone a had a great weekend and is going to enjoy the super bowl of the cardinals winning :) i feel like cheering on the underdog :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The life with Two kiddos!

>Well sorry it has taking me so long to update my blog. I'm posting some pictrues of Coy and Jett and there is also a video of Coy and Jett.. So far the boys are great! Just need to get them to both sleep through the night.. so mom and dad can get some Good sleep.. (that is the only thing that sucks about newborns :) but i guess my toddler is doing it too just not as often) Jett loves to eat i think he eating way more and more.. he is growing like a weed.. well i hope everyone is stayin warm with it being so cold.. Well enjoy the pictures and video.