Friday, December 31, 2010

Jett is 2 :(

well My Baby turned 2 years old on the 29th :( i just can't believe how Fast they grow up!!! it just seems like yesterday we were bringing him home on New years eve!! but today i seat here and he is running around CRAZY!! like an ornery 2 year old!! looking at his baby picture sure gives me baby fever!! :) but then i look at him in real life and my laptop without its keys it reminds me why we are waiting :) Well Jett's birthday is SO close to Christmas we are having his birthday party in January!! Once again hope u all have a Safe New year!!

Jett 2 days old about to head for his home!!

Jett at 18 months!!

Christmas 2010

Well we survived Christmas 2010.. There was NO blizzards this year for christmas but there was a horrible ice storm on christas Eve.. But we made it to all our destinations.. The kids got WAY to much stuff.. But they loved every second of it!! Coy would open on present and say Thank You SANTA i LOVE it!! to funny half the time it was NOT from Santa!! Here are a couple pictures from the holiday!!

Jett opening his Train Puzzle at Great Gma and Gpa Obermeier

Coy with all his loot from Santa and Mom and Dad on Christmas Morning.

The boys with their Gator they got from Uncle Tom!!

Hope everyone had a Safe and Great Christmas and a have a Safe New Year!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Coy is 3 ;(

Ahh he grew so fast :(

oh Coy you were my first born and words could not describe the way i felt when i first held you in my arms.. I can't believe how fast you have grown and changed in the last 3 years.. I just want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and i hope you enjoy your "COW PARTY" tomorrow.. We LOVE you SO much and can't wait to see what the rest of your life will bring.. (hopefully slower than these 3 years went)

Monday, July 12, 2010

June was a BUSY time for the Vrbka's

Well June was Super busy for us we started the month off with going to the zoo with Grandma Obermeier and Aunt Alicia with Jackson and Nathan. We had so much fun it was a beautiful day and the zoo was not crowded at all.. The Kids enjoyed see all the animals my kids favorite was the Giraffe and the fish. In June i did some Much needed spring cleaning with my Cousin Danielle's help. Unfortunately in the month of June we lost someone VERY close to us we lost Heath's Grandpa Vrbka. It was very hard on all of us and it was even harder to tell the boys. They are to young to understand and Coy still ask were Papa is.. the week after the passing of Grandpa Ray we had the Vrbka Reunion in Valentine and went tubing it was SO much fun. To end the month of June me and a couple of my Girlfriends are heading up getting New Playground for the Rising City Park. So we took a picture on the old equipment with some of the kids. here are some Pictures of June

Grandma Sue with her boys at the zoo

The boys coloring so we could do some spring cleaning :)

Jett being the Ham he is "Cheese"

My favorite Picture of Coy and Grandpa Ray (Coy is 3 month's old)

The boys with Uncle Tom (since tom was back for funeral)

Heath and I at the Vrbka Reunion.

The kids by some of the old equipment in R.C. Finally my Boys all smiles :)

May with the Vrbka's

May wasn't to bad of a month for us. It went by pretty fast for us. We did lots of fun things. we watched two of our cousins graduate from high school and they are both very close to the boys as they babysit a lot for us. I turned 27 years old the end of May that was a little hard getting closer and closer to 30 :( the boys got a swingset and they LOVE it.. here are some pictures that were done in May with the Vrbka's..
the swingset
Jett and Coy with another little girl at Amber and Korey's Wedding

Jett got this battle wound after falling off a friends toy in the driveway :(

the boys terrified at the car wash :)

4th of July

I hope everyone had a Great 4th of July we had a fun time over at our neighbors house.. after nap time we went over to one of our neighbors house to hang out and celbrate the 4th of July then grilled some Pork Loin it was so YUMMIE!! then when it got dark we went home and got our Pj's on and went to watch the fireworks that R.C. fire dept puts on.. they are AWESOME!!! here are some pics from the day.. ENJOY!

Jett Jett enjoying a Go-gurt :)

Coy hanging out :)

Jett loving up on K-dance

ahh the boys..

My boys watching the fireworks..

momma with Jett Jett

Momma with Coy Boy...

Monday, April 26, 2010

One down One to go :)

well Coy is a Big boy now has been in Big boy underwear for two weeks now :) he is doing really good with it.. I'm so proud of him... i thought it would be alot more harder than it was.. People weren't kidding when they said just let them decide when they are ready he pretty much told us on a sunday morning and has been going every since.. (although the first week was a little rough) Jett LOVES sitting on the potty so we might have to start with him soon !! not holding my breath with him though he is our free spirted child and is ORNERY!! i know i didn't think anyone could be more ornerey than coy but we have conquered that :) well that is what is new with the Vrbka Clan.. Now mom has the pleasure of cleaning up after TWO boys peeing in the toliet ahh the joys :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is Spring almost here???

You never know with Nebraska if Spring is really here or if it is going to snow in a couple of days... But hey we will take the nice days as we get them.. Today was one of them nice day so we of course were outside all afternoon.. The Boys LOVE it they are definately outdoor kiddos.. so i really can't wait for it to be nice so we can run around outside... Today we cleaned out the van and the truck, went on a walk, then just enjoyed running around.. we actually got to see our neighbors we havent' really seen all winter long.. so that was nice.. We even grilled Hamburgers YUMMIE Grilling how i have missed you!!!!! the boys were NOT happy about coming back in the house.. but after baths Coy was OUT by 7:00 and Jett is about ready to go down.. ONCE again another reason why i LOVE it when it is nice out.. Outside Wears kiddos out :) YEAH!! i hope the weather stays nice..i also hope everyone else enjoyed the nice day like we did..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hawaii was Fun!!

the beautiful Sunset the view from our suite

some of us one night

Some of the girls the night of the Luau

the hubby and I

well we made it back to the cold weather :( Heath and I had a lot of fun in Hawaii the weather was Gorgeous high of about 84 everyday and low of about 70 PERFECT!!! While i was there i got the pleasure of checking out Pearl Harbor it was nice to be able to say i've been there.. but now we are back to reality the cold nebraska winter and our wonderful children..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

20 days until Hawaii!!

But hey who is counting.. I can't wait to go .. i need to get out of this crappy weather here in Nebraska.. We are trying to get ready to go by working out every morning..Heath and I are doing 30 day shred every morning.. it is pretty easy for me as i've done it alot of different times.. but heath is a little sore but is being a champ with doing it with me so i keep at it :) i just need to stop snacking all day.. i still get on the treadmill when jett is napping but nothings seems to be helping :( oh well i won't care how my fat hangs when i have lots of drinks in me RIGHT?? well just thought i would update my blog..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

really bad at posting sorry

this is my family.. left to right (heath,coy, me, jett, mom, jackson, Dad, Alicia, nathan, doug, eve, and erik

our family

my parents with the kids.. still no girl :)

me and jett snowed in on christmas day over at one of the neighbors

jett on his birthday wearing his cool 1 onesie from my cousin who makes them on the back it has his name

Jett and Grandma Mary Ellen Obermeier share their birthdays on the 29th of Dec.

Coy with his favorite toys :)

well i hope everyone survived the wonderful winter weather we have been having.. we had a good christmas sad we couldn't enjoy for long as we were always on the go due to the weather and not wanting to get stuck anywhere.. we had to cancel my mom's family side which was sad cause i didn't get to see my aunt from MN that we don't see much :( and then my brother and his g/f were back from chicago and we only got to see them for like 4 hours cause the roads were so bad we barely got there and wanted to get back on the roads before it got dark :(

After christmas we celebrated Jett's 1st birthday i can't believe my baby is 1 already :( he is so much fun and has such a fun personality we just had his pictures done today and i can't wait to see them :) he was so much fun..

I'm also so excited as for less than a month from now i will be in Hawaii on the beach and i will be AWAY from this damn snow and cold i will think of you all then :)