Friday, December 31, 2010

Jett is 2 :(

well My Baby turned 2 years old on the 29th :( i just can't believe how Fast they grow up!!! it just seems like yesterday we were bringing him home on New years eve!! but today i seat here and he is running around CRAZY!! like an ornery 2 year old!! looking at his baby picture sure gives me baby fever!! :) but then i look at him in real life and my laptop without its keys it reminds me why we are waiting :) Well Jett's birthday is SO close to Christmas we are having his birthday party in January!! Once again hope u all have a Safe New year!!

Jett 2 days old about to head for his home!!

Jett at 18 months!!

Christmas 2010

Well we survived Christmas 2010.. There was NO blizzards this year for christmas but there was a horrible ice storm on christas Eve.. But we made it to all our destinations.. The kids got WAY to much stuff.. But they loved every second of it!! Coy would open on present and say Thank You SANTA i LOVE it!! to funny half the time it was NOT from Santa!! Here are a couple pictures from the holiday!!

Jett opening his Train Puzzle at Great Gma and Gpa Obermeier

Coy with all his loot from Santa and Mom and Dad on Christmas Morning.

The boys with their Gator they got from Uncle Tom!!

Hope everyone had a Safe and Great Christmas and a have a Safe New Year!!