Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life at the Vrbka home!

Coy and Jett
Coy at 18 months old

Jett at 1 month old..

Well sorry i haven't posted in a long time i always seem to not update this but I update Facebook with pictures ALL the Time.. so you should all just get that :) well as you can tell in the picutures the boys are getting bigger.. Jett turned 1 month old on the 29th and Coy turned 18 months old on the 30th.. They are growing so fast.. Coy still loves to give Jett kisses all the time.. and will go into his room when Jett is sleeping and point in the the crib and say Jett.. I'm ready for it to get nice out so we can go outside to play and go on walks.. so i can lose this fat.. grrrr...

Also this year has not been a good one for us.. as most of you know my sister was diagnosed with cancer again for the 3rd time.. she is also pregnant.. so Monday night she goes in at 7:30 pm to get induced at 34 weeks and then the following tuesday the 10th she will go in for surgery on herself.. she will be a little under after this surgery but not as bad as the first time.. so if everyone could pray for her and my little nephew we would love it.. I totally believe in the power of Prayer!!! well i hope everyone a had a great weekend and is going to enjoy the super bowl of the cardinals winning :) i feel like cheering on the underdog :)


The Hudcaps said...

Keeping you guys in our thoughts.

Natalie said...

You, your sister, the baby, and the rest of the family are in my prayers. Baby Jett is so sweet...I still need to get over there, by the time I get to ya, the stuff I gottcha won't fit him anymore!! Let me know when you have time!

Rachelle said...

The boys are so cute! I am sorry to hear about your sister. I hope everything goes well and will keep her and the baby in my prayers. Take care!