Wednesday, April 29, 2009


at the Rising City Easter Egg hunt


this is outside our house.. one of my friends couldn't believe i didn't hide eggs for Coy for easter morning.. so when we woke up on easter morning there was eggs outside for Coy to hunt!! The Easter bunny really is real :) (thanks Jen-C)

getting ready enjoying his sucker for his first haircut.

he hated his first haircut.. It was torture :)

Ok so i haven't posted in a long time.. so i'm going to do a couple.. Here is Easter.. we had a good easter even though we had some sick kiddos.. Coy was just getting over Influenza and ear infection and then the monday after easter we took Jett in to have him tested for RSV which luckly came back Negative.. even though the doctor was shocked it was negative..

The friday before easter we got Coy's first haircut and he HATED it!! the Saturday before Easter we went to the Awesome Rising City Easter egg hunt.. Coy had so much fun (pictures ) then on Easer sunday.. We did not attend church as Jett had a horrible cough still and Coy wasn't 100% we loaded up and went to Marquette to my aunt and uncles for lunch and a little hunt for Jackson and Coy then we took off to head to heath's grandma's for supper.. It was a great weekend but busy..

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