Saturday, June 6, 2009

We are still here!!

Yes we are still here.. sorry we have been enjoying the beautiful weather outside, and i was without a computer for 2 weeks.. I know isn't that crazy i went 2 weeks without a my computer..:) well the boys are growing like crazy and already are fighting :) Lets see here what are some updates on us.. well i turned 26 on may 25th that was exciting :) My friend Tiffany and I are coaching 18 and under softball for rising city that has been alot of fun.. We take Coy into Childrens on Monday for one of his moles to get examined..(prolly nothing but dr. wanted to make sure and get it checked out) A month from today we take Jett into Childrens to the Helmet Clinic to see if we need to get him a helmet for his flat head.. We have been working on getting it better before then.. but we are doing all we can.. Well i hope this find everyone doing well and i hopefully will get better at updating this.. here are some pictures of the boys..

Coy trying to be just like daddy when he grows up!! Future NC+ DSM :)
Coy's first run through with the Sprinkelr..

It's a Mini-Me.. I think i may have two Coy's on my hands :) AHHHH

Coy giving Jett a ride in the wagon..

Jett Swinging for the first time :)

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Natalie said...

Your boys are so darn cute Kels!! IT does look like there are two Coy's...uh oh!! Thanks for your well we just wait I guess!