Sunday, February 22, 2009


Saturday night was Jett's Baptism.. It was a good time.. My aunt and uncle that live in Minnestoa came back to be Jett's Godparents. which meant alot..Jett was born on my aunt Peggys birthday so it was fun to have her as his godmother :) Everything went great!! Even though our son was not named after any saints!!! The priest wasn't happy about that but sometimes shit happens :) After baptism we had everyone over to our house for soup and sandwiches and CAKE!! YUMMIE!!!! the kids ran around and played together is was great having them get together as they don't see each other much.. Coy who does not like going to gathering thought it was so fun to have people over at our house. His territory :) Well that is all for now i will try to update more often i was busy for a week with my nephew here and for everyone who don't know my sister got out of the hospital on tuesday and Nathan got out of the hospital Saturday and doing good they are at my folks house!! I do have a busy month ahead of me so i'm sure march is goin to fly..

Us, Jett, and My aunt and uncle (Peggy and Brian Quandt) Jetts Godparents
Mommy and Jett with his delicious cake.. He was already changed out of his outfit!

Heath's folks, Us, and my folks after the baptism.

during the baptism..

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The Hudcaps said...

Great pics. Take care. Hope things are going well. I've been really bad about keeping up with the blogging. I'm trying to get back on track.