Monday, April 26, 2010

One down One to go :)

well Coy is a Big boy now has been in Big boy underwear for two weeks now :) he is doing really good with it.. I'm so proud of him... i thought it would be alot more harder than it was.. People weren't kidding when they said just let them decide when they are ready he pretty much told us on a sunday morning and has been going every since.. (although the first week was a little rough) Jett LOVES sitting on the potty so we might have to start with him soon !! not holding my breath with him though he is our free spirted child and is ORNERY!! i know i didn't think anyone could be more ornerey than coy but we have conquered that :) well that is what is new with the Vrbka Clan.. Now mom has the pleasure of cleaning up after TWO boys peeing in the toliet ahh the joys :)

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The Hudcaps said...

Yah! Good for them!