Tuesday, January 12, 2010

really bad at posting sorry

this is my family.. left to right (heath,coy, me, jett, mom, jackson, Dad, Alicia, nathan, doug, eve, and erik

our family

my parents with the kids.. still no girl :)

me and jett snowed in on christmas day over at one of the neighbors

jett on his birthday wearing his cool 1 onesie from my cousin who makes them on the back it has his name

Jett and Grandma Mary Ellen Obermeier share their birthdays on the 29th of Dec.

Coy with his favorite toys :)

well i hope everyone survived the wonderful winter weather we have been having.. we had a good christmas sad we couldn't enjoy for long as we were always on the go due to the weather and not wanting to get stuck anywhere.. we had to cancel my mom's family side which was sad cause i didn't get to see my aunt from MN that we don't see much :( and then my brother and his g/f were back from chicago and we only got to see them for like 4 hours cause the roads were so bad we barely got there and wanted to get back on the roads before it got dark :(

After christmas we celebrated Jett's 1st birthday i can't believe my baby is 1 already :( he is so much fun and has such a fun personality we just had his pictures done today and i can't wait to see them :) he was so much fun..

I'm also so excited as for less than a month from now i will be in Hawaii on the beach and i will be AWAY from this damn snow and cold weather..so i will think of you all then :)

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The Preister's said...

OMG Kelsey...you look amazing! I have a feeling I will look nothing like that after I do the 30-day shred! I really do want to know how you worked the program...you are a success story!!

kids are adorable...I can't believe jett is a year old, time flies!

have fun in hawaii!!